We proudly feature the "Andrei Dinu" and "Johann Velt" and "Jan Burdeh" lines of fine handcrafted Romanian, German and Polish Violins, Violas and Cellos!

All Instruments have been hand brushed Varnished and set up in-house! We use only the finest Rosewood and Ebony Fittings, matching Wittner Tailpieces, Deluxe Aubert Bridges, Deluxe Soundpost Stock, & Evah Pirazzi Strings! Even brand new, these Instruments have serious volume and tonal quality, which will only improve when broken in!! Professional Violins, Violas, and Cellos at a student affordable price are just one of our goals here at Ludwick's House of Violin!

"Andrei Dinu" Romanian Violin

"Jan Burdeh" Polish Violin

"Johann Velt" German Violin

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Featured Violin Of The Month

“Jan Burdeh” Polish Violin

Z.Z. is now building the first "Ludwick" Violin, modeled after  Stradavari's “ Titian” 1715 Violin. We are hoping to be able to offer these ultra fine quality Violins for sale in the near future!