"Z.Z. is a talented, resourceful and competent craftsman.  His ability to accurately diagnose  the underling problems of stringed instruments and deliver affordable and acoustically superior solutions has impressed me. Z.Z. has great passion for his work and goes the extra mile to meet his clients’ highest expectations.  I would recommend him without reservation!”


Howard Needham       Master Violin Maker



★★★★★ "Z.Z. Ludwick has a fine selection of finely crafted instruments.  His knowledge, sound enhancements and set up  of his instruments are of the finest skill and craftsmanship.  He has apprenticed with DC's finest Luthiers.  I highly recommend you consider a fine violin or viola and cello from this source.  I hear his work on a regular basis and am impressed!"


                                                      Bruno Nasta   Reston, Virginia     String Educator, Professional Musician



★★★★★ "What an outstanding experience it was to do business with Z.Z. I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of violins WAS quite low before I took a trip to Ludwick's House of Violin. I wrote Z.Z .stating that I wanted to find an heirloom quality violin to give my wife as a wedding gift. His prompt response and availability of such fine quality instruments was just the beginning of the experience. He took copious amounts of time to teach me about the art of violin making and how to identify a quality instrument from one of lesser clout. He showed me his workshop and taught me what goes into the final product which I bought from him. He even tweaked a few items I requested him to devote some attention to before I left his shop. In all, I walked away with a fine instrument that brought my wife to tears when I presented it to her. This is as close to a fully custom violin as you can find in this price range. It presents like those that cost thousands more and sounds amazing from the first pull across the strings. I cannot say enough good things about this fine luthier, teacher, and businessman. I look forward to many years of knowing Z.Z. and sending customers his way as often as I can. He does not disappoint."


                                     William D. The Woodlands, TX



★★★★★ "All the adjectives in the dictionary would only limit the unparalleled recommendation "Z.Z." Ludwick deserves as a Luthier. There is no instrument repair out there to small or big that Mr. Ludwick can't handle. Z.Z., has been gifted with an astounding intricate and finesse ability to infuse his violins and repair work with overflowing positive energy and master craftsmanship down to the finest details! I drove 4+ hours each way from and to New York today to get to the infamous Ludwicks House Of Violin. The show room and workshop alone will make your day. I got a new violin bridge done on the spot and bought a new heart warming Romanian violin from Mr. Z.Z. Ludwick all while experiencing much of his beautiful radiant soul. Well what are you waiting for!? Ludwicks House Of Violin is a MUST go for everyone in need of a repair or new instrument. Don't even think twice and give Z.Z. the call today!"


                                 Chaim C. Woodmere, NY



★★★★★ "I just purchased an instrument from Ludwick's House of Violin!!! What can I say,,,,Z.Z. is the real deal!!!!!! It is immediately obvious that he is knowledgeable but more so that he is passionate about what he does. The instrument was exactly as he described both in appearance and sound. It was perfectly setup. While we both stressed about shipping it in the winter, it was packed superbly (in fact over-packed) and arrived in excellent condition. Probably the most satisfaction I got from the purchase was talking to the man himself. He went out of his way to listen to make sure that the instrument was right for what I needed and wanted.

If you ever get the chance to visit or speak with him....DON'T Hesitate! His is one of those few musical shops that cater to individuals as opposed to internet seller who only want your credit card number! Thank you Z.Z. for the gift of knowing there are truly people out there like you who still have the passion!"


                              Bill C.  Ironton, Ohio



★★★★★ "Z.Z. the luthier is a real treasure. I brought in a cello for a pre-sale checkup. He looked it over very carefully and really made a point of explaining all of his concerns with it to me. We spoke over the phone four times after my in-person visit and during those conversations he patiently advised me on which repairs were most crucial, and which could wait. I am so lucky to have worked with him. If you are looking for repairs, custom made instruments, appraisals, or just a consultation, I must say that this is your guy for the DMV area. The music shops around DC spoke very highly of him. Thank you so much Z.Z.! Until next time."


                               Julian C.     Washington, D.C.



★★★★★ "A great experience:  My wife called Ludwick's House of Violin to find out about repairing a valued Cello, and spoke with Z.Z..  After hanging up the phone she commented how impressed she was with his knowledge and the questions he asked to understand what repairs were needed to the Cello.  Following orders from my wife (I am a retired Marine.) I contacted Z.Z. and made an appointment to bring the Cello by.  Z.Z. quickly evaluated the repair and because I was from out of town, he repaired the Cello on the spot.  It was amazing to watch him work, transforming a "teenager" handled instrument back into a work of art and beauty.  The Cello sounds great and is beautiful.  Very reasonably priced and quality work. I highly recommend Ludwick's for any instrument repairs."


                                   Chip S.   Hagerstown, Maryland



★★★★★  “…my Son brought three fiddles home to Pennsylvania last weekend. I am completely blown away by the quality of workmanship in the repairs of these instruments. The fiddle that had belonged to my late grandfather has never sounded so good or played so well! I had played rhythm guitar along with my grandfather countless times while he played this fiddle, and had played it some myself. My only regret is that he’s not here to experience just how good his old fiddle was capable of sounding. I was so impressed by all three fiddles that I sent my fiddle (given to me by my grandfather) back to Maryland with my son  for Mr. Ludwick to work his magic on. I can’t wait to get it back and rediscover fiddling again (my main instrument is pedal steel guitar). I highly recommend Z.Z. Ludwick! I hope to meet him in person sometime soon! Well done sir!"


                             Karl N.   Fayette City, Pennsylvania